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Tekno Elektronik is one of the distinguished companies of the sector with its treadmill repair service staff and its technological infrastructure that easily adapts to innovations.
Techno Electronics Fitness Equipment, Sports Equipment in Turkey in 2000 treadmill repair and spare parts are the first step in the industry is rooted in a firm foundation in 1984. Under the management of Tekno Elektronik Sports Equipment Mehmet Keçe, Sports Equipment sales started to provide services on treadmill repair service with the merger of treadmill repair and technical support units.

Sports techno electronic appliances, thanks to technical support services on the treadmill repair for all makes and models are among the market leaders of Turkey. Following technological innovations closely; its knowledge of the creation, localization of new services and treadmill repair techniques of sports equipment and the development of innovative services have made the company one of the leading companies in its sector.
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As with all running machines, treadmills need periodic maintenance. Treadmill repair and repair, which is not done on time, returns to its user in the future, very difficult and expensive. As TEKNO Electronic Sports Equipment company, we say that; Let's repair periodic maintenance of treadmills that are due or past. This will translate into the highest level of performance and smooth use of your devices as performance. Giving an opportunity to our company about treadmill repair, which is not used, will return to you and our country as a gain. On the other hand, we are willing to provide technical service in companies that need treadmill repairs and bring treadmills and cardio devices to our country. If your company needs such a treadmill repair, call and see.
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A vital issue for the treadmill; lubrication
Lubricating your treadmill will reduce the friction between the belt and the ground, which will extend the life of the engine and electronic system. However, not every belt will be lubricated, some professional products use self-lubricating tape or have an automatic lubrication system.
In addition, not every treadmill oil is suitable for every band. The same oil is applied to some tapes and makes it easier to work, while it can damage others.
Malfunctions are usually caused by not lubricating or using oils produced for different sectors. To get full performance from your treadmill, do not neglect the maintenance of a special alloy liquid oil. When you order, we can send liquid treadmill oil to your address in 250ml, 500ml and 1.000ml containers.
How and when should the treadmill be lubricated?
While the treadmill is in the stop position, the tire / pallet part is stretched upwards on one side and the oil is squeezed right in the middle of the floor. The same process is repeated on the other side and the maintenance is ended. Repeat every 15 days. When you simply lubricate the treadmill, you will see that the life of the belt will increase and the engine runs quieter.
Definitely, do not leave your treadmill free for more than 3 months, even if you are not using it.
Squeeze the oil right in the middle of your tape. The oil you put on the sides will not help.

Before treadmill repair,

Things to consider when buying a treadmill
1. Each treadmill has a different carrying capacity. Choose a suitable device for your weight.
2.The width and length of the running area is important for you to exercise comfortably.
3.Walking band and ground should be flexible. It should not damage the joint and bone structure.
4.If the space you will use is narrow, you can choose the folding models.
5. Choosing silent devices will not disturb you and those around you.
6. The maximum speed and slope your device can reach must be suitable for your sports style.
7. Ask / investigate whether after-sales services and service network are available.
8.We recommend you to doubt and investigate the quality of a very cheap treadmill.

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