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Techno Electronics Fitness Equipment, thanks to technical support services on the treadmill repair for all makes and models are among the market leaders of Turkey. Following technological innovations closely; its knowledge in the creation, localization of new services and sports equipment techniques and the ability to develop innovative services have made the company one of the leading companies in its sector.

Tekno Elektronik Sports Equipment aims to reach a well-known and respected place in the world sports equipment market. In order to reach a wider customer base, our company cooperates with many companies from the same sector or from different sectors at national and international levels. Tekno Sports Equipment continues its activities as a solution partnership with many leading companies in the sports equipment sector. Treadmill repair is our primary subject of purchase and sale of second-hand sports equipment.

All parts of the treadmill have a task, you do not need to know what they do, but simply knowing what happens prevents you from going the wrong way. It does not require you to have an engineer diploma to perform simple maintenance. The key elements are the engine and drive system, tape, rollers, deck / floor, skeleton, screen and electronic circuit boards. The screens and features are the last group that affects the decision to purchase. (46).webp (9).webp
Our company provides its customers with all the services ranging from technical support, maintenance and motor modifications (conversion of DC system treadmills to AC system treadmills) in all brand treadmills so that they can use their harnesses more efficiently. Tekno Elektronik Sports Equipment aims to reach a well-known and respected place in the world sports equipment market. (41).webp (19).webp
Being a pioneer in both electronic and mechanical repair and maintenance service, it is a result of the understanding that successfully performs the exemplary special service service, the idea that makes you love the job. It should be built. ,,,, (45).webp
Tekno Elektronik Spor Aletleri

Güzeloba mah.2212 sok.N0=4 Muratpaşa

Antalya 07230

Gsm : 0531 714 92 70 (33).webp
In treadmill repair, before the service calls our service officials to identify the simple errors that are detected by our service officers, you should get prior information and control, which helps you to use your treadmill healthier and longer. Definitely use treadmill oil. Many who wonder and how long it is necessary to lubricate how long it is lubricated. You can learn how and how to lubricate on our technical information page.
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